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The quality, capacity and degree of sophistication of the Russian Cargo insurance market has little to envy the rest of the world. Today, we, at InterIS, are proud to offer broking services for even the largest marine, air or land cargo accounts. This sector is showing rapid development and interest, now that the Russian industrial and consumer economies are on the fast track notr forgetting the more traditional commodity trading activities.

InterIS works not only internally within Russia but also in close collabotation with other leading western market brokers and provides them with the necessary support to allow them to follow their clients even into some of the more remote parts of Russia and CIS countries.

Our knowledge of the principal marine insurance policies available on the work markets and some key products such as container hull insurance makes us a natural choice for our international partners who expect service and competency as the key to success.

Experience proves that local conditions determine the quality of the result and it is our priority as a marine insurance broker to ensure that the assureds interests are at the heart of our service combining this knowledge with the fairness to provide the Insurance companies with all the information they may require.

Claims are controlled by ourselves in complete collaboration with all market claims leaders and international partners, where and when necessary.



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