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Collecting works of art and high valued objects and collections, from paintings and books to vintage motor cars and planes is fast gaining interest and not just for speculation.

For many, the problems concerning insurance have not been very apparent, the level of security conscience being very high in Russia, the more ordinary risks of Fire, Water damage and Accidents are not well defined in the minds of the owners.

Times are changing as more people have access to these markets and the ordinary house-hold or car insurance policy is not designed to take into account such matters as depreciation or additional restoration costs sometimes abroad.

We, at InterIS, are confident that this new insurance will develop and why not in the northern cultural capital of Russia.

Our terms, alongside with specialist surveyors, will be willing to assess these risks and find the adequate insurance placement corresponding to the assureds needs including those risks abroad, where we may rely on our dedicated network of international broking and insurance company partners.



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